Moldover Builds a Musical World

Artist crafts instruments for everyone

Musician and musical instrument builder Moldover (aka Matt Moldover) followed a girl to the Bay Area. Once he got here, she broke his heart and his sister took her own life.

While going through his sister's effects, he discovered a cassette recording of some of his first original songs that he wrote when he was a kid, music that now inspires his forthcoming album Four Track. He has raised over $40,000 via Kickstarter to record it, and has raised over $20,000 in a second campaign that will end later this week.

What makes people gravitate to this story? Moldover is going a difficult route in order to try to recapture the simplicity of those early songs by building instruments to use on new songs. He's also planning to release the album in an innovative package.

Four Track will be released as a very clever USB in a cassette case. The USB is attached to the Voice Crusher, an 8-bit, circuit-bent, pitch shifting instrument that anyone can use to create new vocal tones.

Yes, it's a digital music world we now live in, but that doesn't mean we can't freak the formula.

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