Mumbai Terror Victims Honored at SF Rally

People from Fremont, Sunnyvale, rest of Bay attend

The terror attacks that killed more than 150 people in the massive Indian city of Mumbai have sparked a wave of compassion around the world.

That compassion is being expressed in the Bay Area too.

Several organizations that sympathize with victims of the attacks, planned a rally that will took place on Sunday in San Francisco.

The "Rally in Support of the terror Victims of India" started at the intersection of Market Street and Powell Street in downtown San Francisco.

Organizers of the rally said they intended to pay homage to the victims of the tragedies and to support democracies around the world.

Organizers said that car pools would be organized from Sunnyvale and Fremont Temples.

The diverse cities that make up the Bay Area are home to one of the largest communities of Indian nationals in the United States.

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