Napa Bottle Company Disrespects the Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola says bottle company cost it 55,000 bottles of wine

Upsetting the director of "The Godfather" series may not be the wisest idea. But that is just what one Napa bottle and cork company did.

Movie director Francis Ford Coppola is suing Vinocor USA on behalf of his wine company for allegedly ruining 55,000 cases of wines.

Coppola's company created a line of wines called Encyclopedia, which features various red and white wines from around the world intended to introduce consumers to different tastes, according to the Napa Valley Register.

Francis Ford Coppola Presents contracted with Vinocor to develop beaker-shaped bottles with "brightly colored stamp-like labels" showing where the wines were from.

The lawsuit alleges the bottles arrived with bent necks, chipped glass and in some cases the threads on the screw tops were uneven. After alerting Vinocor about the deformities, more containers were shipped only to have similar problems, according to Francis Ford Coppola Presents.

The company says the shoddy craftsmanship cost them 55,000 bottles of wine valued at about $12 a pop and they want respect. If Vinocor wants to avoid taking a swim with the fishes it may want to do whatever it can to win favor with Mr. Coppola.

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