NBC Bay Area's Triple Pay Giveaway

We're giving away cold, hard cash. Are you feeling lucky?

Sweepstakes are a dime a dozen. We often hear about giveaways on the radio asking you to take wacky photos of yourself doing something out of the ordinary that you normally wouldn't do, or fill out a form to win random consumer products that you don't even need resulting in thousands of spam emails flooding into your inbox.

But every once in a while, those sweepstakes or contests actually giveaway something that we all could use more of...cold hard cash! Money that you could use towards that vacation you've been saving for, or simply paying some bills.

NBC Bay Area is launching one of those rare sweepstakes where there's no ask of you sending in a photo or video of a random act of randomness, and we won't fill your inbox with spam emails either. Starting now, three lucky winners are going to walk away with $1,000 and we're calling it the "Triple Pay Giveaway". Yes, we're huge baseball fans if you didn't know it.

So now that you've downloaded the NBC Bay Area App, click here to enter the sweepstakes! Be sure to enter the promo code: Share.

The Triple Pay Giveaway Sweepstake ends on August 28th and you can enter daily! For the official rules, go to the sweepstakes page and click on the rules link at the bottom. Good luck!

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