No Albino Alligator? What a Rip Off

Star of Academy of Sciences on medical leave

Here is a ripoff alert for you. An albino alligator at the San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences is being put on injured reserve.

The alligator, one of the rare animals housed at the new museum,  is expected to be on medical  leave until mid-March after being bitten by another alligator.

Claude was removed from the museum's swamp exhibit in early January after staff noticed some swelling in one of his feet, and later  discovered that Bonnie, the swamp exhibit's other alligator, had bitten his pinky toe. Naughty Bonnie.
Maybe she was getting jealous of all the attention that Claude was getting, since the rare albino alligator is the star of the show.

The toe became infected and Claude was removed from the exhibit to receive medical treatment. So unless you want to pay to see a living roof, an actual rain forest or some other cocamany exhibit they have planned, maybe you should save your money until Claude comes back. (In all seriousness, the new academy is pretty cool even without Claude).

Biologists have not given an exact date for Claude's return, but  are shooting for some time in mid-March, Ng said.

Albino alligators lack the pigment melanin in their bodies and  rarely survive to adulthood in the wild, according to the academy.

The academy's Golden Gate Park location reopened in September 2008  after being closed for renovation for almost five years.

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