Not Everyone Goes to Bed Early in the City

7X7 offers a late night guide on where to eat in San Francisco


One of knocks on San Francisco is that everything in the City closes so early. But that is just not true.

And thanks to our friends at 7X7 we have proof that there are plenty of places to post up late, enjoy a good meal and have a fun night out. You just have to know where to go and chances are wherever you are in the City there is a late night eatery open near by.

In the Marina for example it's not all trust fund babies going to bed early. 7X7 points out three new late-night restaurants opened recently and there were already a strew of night owls operating already.

From pizza to dumplings to ramen and even breakfast menus like eggs and pancakes there is something for everyone late night.

So cruise on over to 7X7 and know you no longer have to go to bed hungry in the City.

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