Not Even SF is Immune to Korean Taco Trend

Financial District: For those unaware of this whole Kogi/Korean taco bonanza currently sweeping the nation, let's quickly set the scene. Down in Los Angeles, Ray Choi, a veteran of Le Bernardin, started the Kogi BBQ Truck with its signature Korean tacos, and then all kinds of popularity/madness ensued.

And now, the fusion idea of putting Korean food in tacos is catching on elsewhere ... even in our very own backyard, as seen above (tip of the cap to Foodhoe). An otherwise nondescript eatery bodega in the Financial District——see its humble facade—by the name of John's Snack & Deli is now making Korean tacos (wonder if he's trained by Eric Ripert too). Nonetheless, the trend has officially arrived in the Bay, for better or worse. We've got kimchi dogs already, but who's next to give this one a try? Charles Phan, we're looking at you.

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