Nude Guides Expose San Francisco's Hidden Side

Tour guides over scenic views of the City

Have you seen (NSFW, obviously) It's been around for over a year, but we were only just alerted to its existence recently.

It's pretty much exactly what you think: a collection of neighborhood tours conducted by shapely women who are totally naked except for occasional footwear. There's even a delightful Google maps mashup of their favorite SF strolls (protip: you may want to avoid the beaches). Of course, the question that leaps immediately to mind: is it art?

Is it in the same sense as a car commercial, or "Transformers 2," or linkbaiting: there may be a statement in there somewhere, but it's showing up to work to pay the bills.

The Nude In SF art gallery charges $9 a month, and embeds SEO terms like "Free Porn Trials" and "Black Ass Fest" and "Creampie" on its pages. You know, just like all the great artists of our time do.

So, we may not know much about art; but as Internet content-freelancers ourselves, we can recognize and respect a good hustle. Chris Daly Marina Mission Critical Mass CAMP Congestion Pricing Culture Bus.

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