O.G.Tron at The Independent, Only in Dreams…

Robot Rock: It's a story we have all heard a thousand times before – a talented hacker disappears into the computer world, where he is forced to fight "a "power-hungry Master Control Program" and ride beyond epic "light cycles" with his new BFF Tron. Ah, yea... Come relive the campy 1982 cult classic Tron in all it's restored glory tonight at the Independent's Cinema Drafthouse – show is free and doors are at 8pm.

Only in Dreams: Prepare to get nostalgic – as we noted last week, indie megastars Weezer are set to play their classic Blue Album from start to finish tonight at the Nob Hill Masonic Center tonight. Can you think of a better way to spend your Monday evening than partaking in a mass "Say it Ain't So" sing-a-long with aging bearded Weezer diehards? We can't either! While the show is sold out, craigslist is filled with kind-hearted peeps (read: now desperate) unloading tickets at face value or below. Doors at 8pm; iTunes pre-party now.

Monday Night Drinking: While it might not be the premiere NFL event of the season, tonight's 49ers vs Cardinals game offers as good as on an excuse as any to keep the long weekend of partying going. Cruise down to Public House at AT&T Park tonight for Speakeasy-sponsored beer specials and scheduled post-game appearances from commentator Gary Radnich, ex-49er Eric Davis and former mayor Willie Brown. Kickoff is at 5:30pm.

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