Off The Grid Celebrates SF Food Trucks

Off The Grid picks a different theme each month for its Saturday night dinner service at McCoppin Alley in San Francisco. The November 5 edition keeps it simple for the changing weather and features "Home Cookin'," with S.F.-based food trucks serving up comfort food. What that translates to with this particular crop of vendors is overindulgence—hearty portions of California-fresh Filipino classics from Hapa SF, reliable grilled cheese combos such as the ABC (apple bacon cheddar) from Toasty Melts, Fins on the Hoof stacking as much meat and seafood in one sandwich as is humanly possible (see the fried oyster BLT), and Kara's Cupcakes dainty offerings inspiring the need to buy more than one for dessert. Check it out between 5-9 p.m. [The Feast]

Try Out Your Food Truck Dreams

Photo Credit: Flickr/foodfinder

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