OMG These WTF Jeans Are Made for Gadgets AFAIK

I feel like I should just be texting you this.

If you're a gadget lover but don't feel that your pants are up to the task, these WTFJeans are supposedly the thing to get to protect screens and hide flash drives, and cash in on some geek chica thumb drive in.

Engadget already made a reference to the fashion-forward (and backward) rap duo Kris Kross, so I've got to be all literal here and say the big front pockets on these WTFJeans make them look like you've got them on the wrong way. (Sorry Mack Daddy and Daddy Mack.)

You can pick up a pair of your own for $80, though that price is only good for the first 100 pairs sold. The next 400 after that will cost you around $105, and the final 500 will go for upwards of $150, making for a limited edition run of 1,000 pairs of WTFJeans in all.

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