On the Market: San Francisco's Second Oldest Restaurant

Old Clam House up for sale

While Tadich Grill (est. 1849) holds the title of the oldest restaurant in San Francisco, the Old Clam House (est. 1861) has been in one continuous location for the longest time and, as far as we can tell, is generally regarded as the second oldest. And now it's up for sale:

The building is roughly 3,600 sq ft. with a zero lot line. There are 23 employees and they want to stay and have been there for a long time. This is a restaurant owners dream, with character built in.

So in an ideal world, the Old Clam House wouldn't close with the arrival of a new owner, though whether they'll find the right buyer—or any buyer at all—is another story. Regardless, the asking price is a cool $2.5 million, a price inflated thanks to the Lowe's going in next door. Oh, and no word on whether or not the hookers are included in the restaurant sale.

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