Pairing Beer and Cheese

Oh, the woe of beer lovers.

If they also happen to love cheese, they have to watch wine bars and gourmet restaurants pair the brie, camembert and aged cheddars of the world –- always it seems -– with wine.

But, don't cry in your glass of Hefeweizen. You can pair it with a nice triple-cream brie.

That's what they'll be doing at an event called "Beer Loves Cheese: Mastering the Marriage" on Saturday at University of California, Davis.

"I am like the bride," joked UC Davis dairy scientist Moshe Rosenberg.

"And he," Rosenberg added, pointing to malting and brewing professor Charlie Bamforth, "is like the groom."

The two men designed the event last year. Saturday's afternoon tasting will be their second annual.

They will guide their audience toward an understanding of the compatibility of beer and cheese. They have hand-selected eight beers and just eight cheeses, out of potentially hundreds of varieties.

"Some were chosen because they complement each other and others because they contrast each other," Rosenberg said. "And some, we just went ballistic, so it will be a surprise."

Rosenberg will discuss the evolution of cheese and Bamforth will talk about the history of beer making. Both were invented -– beer, accidentally -- the professors say, in the Middle East, in areas that are modern-day Iran and Iraq.

"It is a marriage made in heaven," Bamforth said.

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