Palace Guard Dismissed After Calling Kate Middleton “Stuck-Up Cow” on Facebook

An 18-year-old Buckingham Palace guard with a penchant for rude and racist comments on his alleged Facebook page, was dismissed from royal wedding duty after calling royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton a "stuck-up cow" and "posh bitch" on the social network.

Cameron Reilly, 18, a member of the Scots Guard who described his interests as "causing trouble" and "super-strength lager," also took time to describe how he "attacked a black man" on leave and ruminated on shooting Jews assembling in a square. Reilly also had several pictures of himself with alcohol and guns, including one where he was kissing a vodka bottle. The Scots Guard is a prestigious infantry unit assigned to the palace and known for wearing a tall, black bearskin hat and red tunic.

Reilly is still a member of the unit but he and his comments are now under investigation by Britain's Ministry of Defence, according to the Daily Mail.

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