Pamela Anderson + Vivienne Westwood = Book Club

It's likely that while the paparazzi look away, Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson swap schoolgirlish post-its that proclaim in sparkling pink ink: "PAM + VIV BFF 4EVZ." And having won over ardent fans in artists Jeff Koons and David LaChapelle, it only makes sense that Pamela's appeal would span high art to high fashion. But Koons and LaChapelle probably make it their prerogative to be in touch with Anderson (after all, what good is an artist without his muse?), unlike Westwood. “I’m not a telephone person,” says the designer. “I don’t have a mobile. I can’t be bothered to communicate with people unless I have something very important to say.”

Her solution? “We send each other books.” And in this regard, it’s sort of refreshing to see that Anderson’s able to up-end every bimbo stereotype by wielding this Anatole France classic or a copy of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Other shared customs include practicing proper hair-flips. But the bedrock of their unlikely friendship: the way they scale the tenuous turf of politics together, from Anderson’s endorsement of PETA to Westwood’s more personal causes, and emerge unscathed. Anderson is also featured as the face of Westwood’s S/S09 Election Day campaign, out in April.

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