Stalking Paparazzi

A local clothing store packs their shelves full of stylish pieces that travel beautifully

Paparazzo, an eponym in Fellini’s film "La Dolca Vida" has evolved to paparazzi, a synonym for photographers who follow high profile red carpet personalities in order to capture candid pics.

But in the Bay Area, Paparazzi means something quite different-- namely, a great women's clothing shop full of stylish investment pieces.

Paparazzi, with locations on Grant Ave and Union Street (Main Street in Tiburon too), features an array of American and European designers, catering to the sassy, glamour-chic shopper. Many of the contemporary dresses, jackets, swing coats, tops and even sweaters feature clever exit details such as lace-ups, deep drapes or interesting buttons.

The sophisticated eye of the stores’ buyer translates to items in all categories including “the packables." With airlines now charging extra for bag checking, travelers opting for attractive carry-on luggage that meet the proper dimensions can shop Paparazzi with confidence. Choose from a range of flattering separates and sexy dresses that sizzle with style and roll-up to pack virtually wrinkle-free upon arrival. 

The piece de resistance, a cotton sweater-stole, measuring 13x55, with oversized bamboo buttons is both eye-catching and practical. Wear it draped as a open stole or buttoned and positioned just off-shoulder for a more dramatic look. It rolls and tucks away when the weather is warm and it is a welcomed warm-up when the fog rolls in. Available in an array of collectible basic and fashion colors.

Bet you can’t pick up just one!

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