Peninsula has High Speed Train Buyer's Remorse

Peninsula cities are picking up a case of buyer's remorse, questioning now whether they really knew what they were getting into when they voted 61 percent in favor of a $10 billion bond for high-speed rail.

The reason: the SF-to-LA train is set to cut through their cities, "creating a scar down the middle of the community." Says a state assemblyman: "We want to be real careful that there is no socio-geographic distinction to being on one side of the tracks." (Hey, SoMa got over it, right?)

According to the SF Examiner, Menlo Park and Atherton are suing over the proposed San Francisco to Fresno leg, and Palo Alto's pulling for them to win. "We think high speed rail is a great idea, if done properly," says a Palo Alto politico. Translation: take it to the East Bay, please.

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