People Really Love Ike’s


Ike Shehadeh of eagerly persecuted sandwich shop, Ike's in San Francisco, received a flood of over 400 supportive e-mails almost immediately after making a simple call for positive reinforcement on Tuesday.

“All of a sudden my e-mail box was flooded,” he said. “It almost brought tears to my eyes." The emails will go into Ike's defense arsenal at his forthcoming trial. Although there is still no set date for that.

In late May, neighbors who issued a complaint that led to Ike's eviction, offered to ignore what annoys them if the restaurant owner was willing to fork over $1 million worth of relocation money. The neighbors are currently living under rent control and moving would be very expensive, says their attorney.

Neighborhood complaint's about Ike's is nothing new. Earlier this year Shehadeh agreed to close his shop earlier to ease congestion on the neighborhood. But reportedly four neighbors were not appeased and threatened to sue the building's owner if something was not done.

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