Peplum Crazy

Peplum Crazy- Plus, delicate lilies and new Geren Ford


PURPLE DREAM: Flowers are featured so often in jewelry, you'd think you would get tired of them if they weren't so gorgeous. Just when you think you're rosed, tuliped and daisied out, embrace these Pale Amethyst Lily Flowers Earrings. The detail and color are eyecatching, and the price is irresistible.

PLUM CRAZY: The peplum silhouette has had a recent surge in popularity, and for good reason! The adorable flair hints at hips in a cute, yet alluring way. Embrace the shape with this Vintage Black Peplum Mini Dress with Sequin Applique Bow.

FORD THE FASHION: Fording the river was always a no-go in the old-school game Oregon Trail, but ford is a good four-letter word when it comes to fashion! Sarah Shaw now carries Geren Ford - get your hands on the versatile white ruffle oxford blouse. [SF Indie Fashion]

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