Plus-Sized Shoppers Can Now Be “Forever 21”

Many, many, many women, who are averagely proportioned and averagely sized (read: about a 14 or so), are always pretty jazzed to hear about a major retailer like Forever 21 jumping into the XL-and-up game. The chain, which is famed for offering dresses and tops and various teen-pleasing togs that are affordable and colorful, will be getting into plus sizes come May, reports All the Rage.

The general relief that size 14-and-up ladies feel at this sort of news stems from many reasons. To begin with, they can shop with pals who happen to wear a size 8 (note to television producers everywhere: size-14 women and size-6 women do, on occasion, hang out; in fact, they are very often called "friends" or "pals"). For as every lady who has been on a shopping outing with her gals inside a store where nothing fits her knows, one can get booored while waiting for everyone to wrap it up in the changing rooms. B-o-r-e-d. You've seen these friends-of-shoppers (FOS), waiting over by the counter, listlessly picking through the bargain scarf bin and checking her text messages to pass the time.

Also, there's always a hope that when a biggie like Forever 21 goes there, other retailers will follow suit, seeing that there is money to be made and regular customers to potentially win over for a long time to come. Now the seeing part: Will other chains follow the trend?

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