Police Search for Hit-and-Run Killer

Speed blamed for crash

The California Highway Patrol is asking for the public's assistance Sunday in hunting down a driver responsible for killing a man and 
woman who got out of their Mercedes after a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 80 near Hilltop Drive in Richmond early Saturday morning.
Preliminary CHP reports detailing the fatal hit-and-run that involved four vehicles has revealed that the two deaths occurred when 
occupants of one vehicle got out of their car and were hit by a fifth car
that fled the area.
According to the CHP, a Mercedes was traveling at high speed on 
westbound Highway 80 at about 3:50 a.m. when the driver attempted to pass a
Honda CRV on its left, but instead it clipped the left front of the Honda and
sent both vehicles out of control.

The Honda became disabled on the right shoulder of the highway,
while the Mercedes eventually collided with the center divide facing oncoming
traffic, according to the CHP.

A Toyota pickup truck heading west in the lane nearest the center
divide was not able to stop before colliding with the Mercedes.

A Saturn sedan traveling behind the Toyota in the center left lane
was also unable to stop, sideswiping the front left door of the disabled

The occupants of the Mercedes, a man and woman, exited their
vehicle onto the highway and were struck by a fifth vehicle that fled,
according to the CHP.

The man and woman in the Mercedes received fatal injuries.

Oakland CHP is asking anyone with information regarding this
incident to contact Officer J. Montour at 510-450-3821.
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