Police: Teen Hid Arsenal in His Bedroom

MIAMI - A 17-year-old accused of shooting a 12-year-old neighbor in the head kept a cache of weapons in his bedroom, Broward Sheriff's deputies say.

Jose Torres, 17, is charged with attempted manslaughter, but also faces a slew of gun charges, NBC station WTVJ in Miami reported on its website, NBCMiami.com.

A search revealed numerous weapons in the room, including knives, swords, brass knuckles, and a suitcase under the bed containing two 9mm semi-automatic pistols, a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun, a Tech 9 machine gun, and a 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun, WTVJ reported. 

Anthony Alejandre, the 12-year-old victim, is still in critical condition. He was shot through his right cheek and the bullet severed his spinal cord.

This wasn't the first injury Torres is alleged to have inflicted on his younger neighbor.

Just a week before the shooting, Torres allegedly paid the boy $500 to let him stab his leg with a knife. it took seven stitches to close the wound.

When detectives interviewed Torres, he initially lied and said Alejandre was playing with one of his guns and shot himself.

Then he told deputies that he accidentally shot Alejandre after pointing a loaded 9mm pistol at him. He said he didn't know a bullet was in the chamber.

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