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The West Portal shopping district had long been neighborhood service oriented. It had also been credited with a smattering of good restaurants, a stately movie theater, and a handful of clothing and accessory stores thrown into the mix .... and then came GG’s.. GG’s is hip, trendy, in vogue, and filled with need and want items. The shop is a cozy spot nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of banks, salons and dry cleaners.

Imagine a stroll down the century old sidewalks of Paris or the tree-lined connecter streets of New York and you'll picture shops that mimic this jewel named GG’s. Lucky for us its located right here in San Francisco cradled between Forest Hill, St Francis Woods and Golden Gate Heights. The fragrant and vibrant flowers piled high act as outside beacons. These fresh beauties are an enticing sight that draws in even the most hurried passerby. Once inside the shop, one is greeted and welcomed with a smile, a refreshing experience in itself.

GG’s is not just a fashion store; it's the host of an extensive selection of items to enhance that ever evasive sense of style we all strive to achieve. Take, for example, the fresh water pearl bracelets in an array of colors displayed on the counter. To wear one alone is subtle..... six stacked up on the wrist is a statement. Match one up with a coordinating necklace and it is a classic piece, but mix one with a crystal pendant and it becomes modern and chic. Whatever the current mood one can create a look at GG’s. There are soft delicate camisoles and supple handmade satchels with just the right hardware.

Not to be missed, 'butter' is the best collection of organic nail products from London. Did I mention the soothing lotions and invigorating scrubs or the artful greeting cards slotted next to reusable shopping totes with clever images? The list goes on. On top of all this, prices are fair and affordable.

Pop in when visiting the neighborhood or make a special trip just to treat yourself to a lovely experience.

G G’s - 111 West Portal Ave - SF 93711 - 415.731.1108

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