USA Today: Eco-Friendly Homes Are Cheap in SF

Architect Michelle Kaufmann couldn't find a cheap, eco-friendly home in San Francisco.

So what did she do? "She built her own" of course. Easy as that! What could be simpler! At least that is what USA Today thinks.

Why aren't you building your cheap eco-friendly house in San Francisco right now? Okay, technically, she actually had to build it in Novato. (Same thing though right?)

The article's all about eco-friendly modular dwellings, and goes on to profile Living Homes, (of course they're on Twitter) which can plop a factory-built house down on whatever plot of land you happen to occupy. Wouldn't it be a hilarious prank to call them up and order a house to somebody else's address!

So anyway, what this article teaches us is that it is totally easy to build an eco-friendly house in San Francisco, as long as you do not build it in San Francisco. Just move to Novato! They'll be DELIGHTED to see you.

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