Erudite Professor Chic

Personal style should be a priority regardless of your age or occupation

There's something to be said for knowing how to dress well at any age.

Whether you are 19 or 99, dressing appropriately and with a bit of flair can make younger people look more sophisticated and individuals of a certain age look years younger.

The man shown here was spotted in San Francisco's Union Square area, where his precisely calculated outfit shone out in a sea of poorly dressed tourists and businessmen in ill-fitting suits.

Here are five reasons why this man's outfit rocks:

1. The shoes are sublimely simple and elegant.

2. The fit and length of the trousers are absolutely perfect for a man of his age.

3. The silhouette and width of the tie and suit lapels are appropriate. 

4. The colour palette and grooming are modern yet the shapes of the clothes are intriguingly antiquated.

5. The pens in his pocket! Icing on the cake.

JT Paradox is a photographer and writer for He can often be found with camera in hand, roaming the streets of San Francisco. Fan letters and hate mail should be directed to

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