Prop Zero Links: Tuesday, July 27

[CSNBY] Rewind: Whatever the situation, A's rookie Healy keeps his cool
Joe Stiglich

Doubts About Online Degrees: Some UC professors say they're not convinced it's a good idea. [Sacramento Bee]

What We Learned From 90210: How the Beverly Hills School District's decision regarding non-district residents impacts the state's open-enrollment law. [Educated Guess]

Ohio Coal Co. Also Gave to Prop 23: More from California Watch on an Ohio coal company that seems highly interested in California's November election. [California Watch]

Prop 23 Support From Democratic Donor: The measure to roll back California's climate change law also has backing ($5 million) from a San Francisco hedge fund manager. [Sacramento Bee]

90-Percent Pay Cut: That's how much some Bell council members will slash their salaries, which had been around $96,000 before public outrage. [LA Times]

And in San Diego...:
The sheriff and district attorney get raises. They were already making more than $200,000 per year. [Union-Tribune]

Not His Problem: The governor threatens to pass the budget problem along to the next person to hold office. [Bay Citizen]

Oakland Adds Parcel Tax to Ballot: The money would fund police and fire services. [SF Chronicle]

Day to Day for Silicon Valley Jobless: Some are tapping into their retirement plans to get by. [Mercury News]


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