Prop Zero Links: Wednesday, June 23

November Ballot Takes Shape: Calitics has a look at what we can expect to see on the November ballot. [Calitics]

Whitman's New Ad: As for what to expect on TV Wednesday, Meg Whitman is rolling out an ad that targets her opponent. [Capitol Weekly]

Emissions Law Rollback Measure: An AB 32 rollback qualifies for the November ballot. AB 32 is the state's landmark greenhouse gas emissions law. [Political Blotter]

Borrowing Plan Scaled Down: Assembly Democrats downsize the borrowing plan in their budget proposal. [Capitol Alert]

Increase in Community College Fees: Some lawmakers are backing a plan to bump community college fees to $40 per unit. [California Watch]

School District's Employee of Year Laid Off: LA Times columnist Steve Lopez tells the story of library technician who was named the district's employee of the year. He was laid off two days later. [LA Times]


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