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Selling a home means getting it in front of as many potential buyers as possible. The more showings you have, the greater the opportunity to connect with that one right buyer. However, with access and exposure comes concerns about safety, security and privacy. How can you ensure that you are protected during the real estate sales process?
The first step is to talk to your agent about how the home will be marketed and how the listing will be distributed to other listing resources. When the listing is posted to the MLS, the agent can control who sees it –- it could be "no one", in the case of an exclusion; "real estate professionals only"; or adding one or more third-party syndication sites for public viewing. Be sure to discuss with your agent how and to what extent you would like your listing shared with other agents as well as the public.
Make sure yyou control the showing of your home. Having a lockbox and the ability for agents to show your home at any time is not a requirement for selling your home using a professional agent. Showings can be done by appointment, and access can be limited to your own agent, if you prefer. The key is to provide flexibility so that your home can be viewed by potential buyers at times that are convenient for everyone.
Take precautions with your valuables. Do not leave jewelry, cell phones and other hand-held devices, or similar valuables accessible where someone can easily pocket them. Likewise, do not leave paperwork with personal or confidential information on your desk or countertops where they can be viewed by others as they walk around your home.
Before opening your home to prospective buyers, take a look around through their eyes and see what you can do to ensure your security and privacy.
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