Bloggin' Jeremy Roenick claims ref bias against Sharks

We are unapologetic Jeremy Roenick fanboys here, from his status as a hockey video game legend through his candid thoughts on beer. Say what you will about the San Jose Sharks, but the notion that Roenick could finally get his name on the Chalice this postseason makes us a little more than hopeful that we're not witnessing a regular season aberration in San Jose.

But like most Roenick fans, we're mostly fond of his complete lack of self-editing when it comes to speaking his mind. Roenick recently broke from his long-affiliated Web site to start an NHL-networked site that appears to cover all facets of his life, from his fashion business to his recent shoulder surgery.

And best of all: He's blogging. Or journaling. Well, he's putting some random thoughts together on his Web site and signing each post "-Styles," a nickname that caused some major E-Z Pass headaches a few years ago.

Via the Philadelphia Flyers blog Broad and Pattison comes this excerpt from a recent Roenick post, about how the Sharks' success has affected the referees' approach to their games:

Is it just me or are the Ref's against San Jose this year?  It seems they are trying to bring us down so that the standings will be more competitive.  I know they have a hard job, and they do the best they can, but I am just amazed at the calls and lack of calls that have happened in some of the recent shark games. For example, Kings six power plays, Sharks one! Give me a break!  When it comes to Joe Thornton, he is mugged constantly game in and game out, with no penalties being called.  There could be ten penalties per game on infractions against Joe Thornton, but he never complains so I am doing it for him!  Players have to be better also, and show a little bit more respect for each other out there.

Seriously, law enforcers should show Joe Thornton as much respect as he shows them. On second thought ...

For the record, the Sharks are ninth in the NHL with 14.2 penalty minutes per game, and are tied for eighth in minor penalties taken with 137. But they're also fourth in the NHL with 148 power plays this season.

Statistically, the refs aren't exactly "against" the Sharks this season; at least not yet. But if Roenick said it, we must believe it. No man immortalized by a name-check in "Swingers" can ever be doubted.

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