Put Down Your Pencils

Skirts, not No.2's. Plus, powerful earrings and a little art for your shower

NBC Bay Area

SKIRT CHASER: Local boutique Hengst adds a whole new meaning to that phrase with their ingeniously paneled pencil skirt (look 4/15). Due to it's subtle gray tweed and with the panels and perfectly long necklace, I can't imagine anyone not pursuing a skit this beautifully made.

MAKE IT RAINE: Forget all those typical jewelry adjectives: dainty, delicate, precious, quaint. Sometimes you need something big! For the days you feel like making a statement, try these Raine Earrings by jzdesigns.

UNUSUAL SUDS: Soaps by ettaandbillie are organic, handcrafted, and natural deodorizers! Not only that, but the Anise Peppermint Soap is so beautiful, it looks like it belongs on an artist's coffee table - not next to the lever 2000 in the corner of your shower.


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