Four Radio Shows for Your Friday

Hip-hop, indie rock and more

Courtesy of K-Maxx

It's Friday, the big prelude to the weekend — and you're listening to the radio! Here's where the party's at tonight, both on and offline:

Play for Today (6-8 PM on Radio Valencia) by DJ Chanchan and Mehdi showcases new music free of boundaries, with a reverent dose of classic cuts.

Stay Hatin (7-9 PM on All Day Play) broadcasts on occasional Fridays with hosts Serg Dun and Soft Money unearthing regional rap gems (listen to our guest appearance on Stay Hatin).

The History of Funk (10 PM to midnight on KPFA) with author and professor Rickey Vincent is an authoritative celebration of the genre's most underexplored corners.

• Ghetto Gumbo (10 PM to 2 AM on KPOO) with K-Maxx offers a treasured voice for emerging rap sounds heard nowhere else on the airwaves.

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