Reader Rant: My Landlord Needs to Pay Now, Too

This morning's exposé on the landlord slapped with a $5.5 million fine for illegally withholding rent deposits from his tenant inspired a reader to spew this bile:

Dear Curbed: Don't think for one hot second that this kind of black magic isn't performed by SF landlords. Sucker that I am, I rented from Citiapartments nearly a year ago. A nice little throwdown ensued when I had to split early due to a work-related relocation -- bastards argued with me for nearly all of my deposit, citing a bunch of dubious reasons for needing to keep most of it. I had to move quickly, and so I chalked it up to circumstance and moved on. Just got the remaining pittance of my refund in the mail, however, and was frankly quite pissed to see that a day's rent AND charge for "wall damage" was wrongly deducted from the already absurdly low sum. Total bullshit -- not only did I move out 2 days early, but I also left the joint in pristine condition. In short: Fuck Citiapartments.

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