Grow Your Own Roof

Rooftop gardens are gorgeous, but are they worth the work?

Everyone loves that goofy "living roof" on top of the Academy of Sciences, but how would you feel about getting one of your own?

The NY Times profiles a number of rooftop gardens around the country, including the one on top of Glide Memorial Church. Did you know they had a garden up there? We didn't.

SPUR's happy about this idea, of course, and notes that cities can create incentives for rooftop gardeners. In fact, back in 2006, Alix Rosenthal (remember her? Ran against Dufty for D8 supervisor?) expressed interest in installing a living roof on top of City Hall.

We have to admit, buildings that integrate plants aren't just pretty -- they're gorgeous. But even their most ardent supporters admit that maintaining a garden takes some sweat equity. Is the tradeoff worth it?

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