Rep Your ‘Hood With These Necklaces

We fell absolutely head over heels for these S.F. ‘hood necklaces as soon as we laid eyes on them at The Common’s Storefront pop-up party last month.

Created by jewelers Christine Aiko Beck and Iris Willow for their brand new label Kana, the handmade necklaces feature a narrow pendant with stamped letters that spell out the name of various sub-sections of the city.

“For the neighborhood necklaces, we stamped the sterling silver blanks, oxidized them, and then polished them to give them a brushed metal finish,” explains Beck.

As of today, the $70 necklaces are available at Cole Valley shop Egg & The Urban Mercantile and can be custom ordered with different neighborhoods, phrases, and even a shorter or longer chain than the 17” standard by emailing or making a request at the boutique.

And, just like that, that locavore-themed holiday gift is crossed off your list.

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