Bay Area Restaurant Coffee Still Stinks

Coffee aficionados are mighty peeved at the state of restaurant coffee, making the argument that 40 plus years after that infamous headline,

Ritual talks about picking the perfect bean

Bay Area eateries still struggle with "the coffee thing." Lucky for us we have a string of coffee roasters - whether it's Blue Bottle, Ritual, Barefoot Roasters or even Graffeo - across the Bay Area serving up some mighty impressive cups of joe, or lattes or whatever else you are into.  

Along with better training and attention, one proposed solution to the problem is coffee sommeliers, or as they've now been dubbed, coffeeliers. The idea is similar to what exists in the wine making world already, and is actually being employed by individual roasters but not restaurants.

This would be somebody who understands all the single origins. All the specifications of the farm it came from, all the nuances of the coffee. Is it high grown, low grown? If there’s a blend, what each coffee in the blend contributes. The coffeelier would also suggest coffee and dessert pairings.

We're pretty sure these so-called coffeeliers hang out with the mixologists and starmers.

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