Rocket Ship Set To Blast Off

The Embarcadero is the launching pad for an unusual new sculpture.

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Joe Rosato Jr.
Artist Alan Rorie of the art collective 5 Ton Crane, raises a leg that will support the 40 foot Raygun Gothic Rocket Ship.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Artist Alan Rorie grinds away at parts of the Rocket ship which will be installed on San Francisco's Embarcadero on August 3rd.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A piece of the rocket sits in an Oakland warehouse waiting to be installed. The team of artists covered the entire rocket in an aluminum sheets. Artist Alan Rorie swears behind a mischevious grin that it's a real rocket, capable of liftoff.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Parts of a "rocket stop" that will sit next to the rocket on the Embarcadero with information on the project, as well as flight times and routes.
Joe Rosato jr.
Artist Alan Rorie is a former scientist-turned-artist. He's a self-professed science geek who left the world of science because he said he never had anything to show for his hours of labor. Now, he has a 40 foot rocket ship for his troubles.
Almost Scientific
A view of the Raygun Gothic Rocket at a recent arts and music festival at Moffett Field.
Almost Scientific
A nighttime view of the Rocket at a recent arts festival at Moffett Field.
Almost Scientific
A view of the Rocket at the recent Maker's Faire in San Mateo. The 40 foot vessel made its premier at BurningMan. It will spend the next 14 months on San Francisco's Embarcadero.
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