New Wrist Watch Cell Phones -Time to Call the Future

We don't have flying cars yet but it appears the future has arrived anyway as a new wrist watch cell phone market emerges. LG showed their new GD910 watch phone at CES and now Samsung announced a watch phone prototype of their own. The guys at Engadget spotted the GT-S1100 on display at the Mobile World Congress 2009. Full details are not available yet but the device "features a full touchscreen, Bluetooth, and a speakerphone." 

LG's version is the world's first 3G GSM watch phone to make it to market and features a touch screen display, voice recognition, VGA camera with video calling features, and 2GB of internal memory. A Text to Speech function reads text messages and other information out loud. The phone also includes stereo Bluetooth and a built-in speaker for playing back music files. A large phonebook and scheduler help with organization. Oh yeah and it can make phone calls too. The unit is a follow-up to the prototype that LG introduced at CES 2008. 

No word on when (or if) Samsung's will make it to market but I'm sure Dick Tracey is anxiously waiting.

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