San Francisco’s Leather Fetish Returns This Weekend

Folsom Street Fair returns Sunday

Axel Hotels on Flickr

The annual San Francisco event that even Bill O'Reilly is too scared to send a camera to is back this weekend.

The Folsom Street Fair returns Sunday to cap off leather week and to celebrate the BDSM scene. It is also sure to offend people across the country. The event bills itself as the world's largest spectacle of leather but it has come to be known as a party where everything goes and a lighting rod for conservative groups everywhere to complain about San Francisco and its "lewd" culture.

The fair is famous for men in all types of leather imaginable and some braver souls who choose to go sans leather. The public nudity amongst other things, which has rarely been enforced, has been the butt of complaints.

Festival organizers say this year they will give a verbal warning to any "lewd behavior," then a second reminder with an escort out of the fair, before being turned over the the police department. The police are also promising to crack down a little harder this year on bad seeds.

Hundreds of thousands of people from across the world descend on San Francisco's Folsom Street, between 7th and 12th streets, for the annual celebration featuring musicians, vendors, performers and more hocking everything leather and promoting every fetish imaginable.

Admission is free with a suggested donation.  For more information visit the festival's Web site.

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