San Francisco's Next Great Challenge: The Baking Throwdown

Supervisors square off in baking contest

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors never fails to entertain. From Supervisor Chris Daly baking brownies for the media to prove he lives in the City to Mayor Gavin Newsom inventing programs and websites that don't exist, the zany board is always up to something.

In the latest chapter of Only in San Francisco Politics, Supervisor John Avalos introduces the Baking Throwdown. Now that San Francisco's board has passed a budget, the District 11 Supervisor alerts us of the next challenge facing the politicians.

"Now that Budget has been passed, you are invited to witness the next great Battle at the Board," he wrote on a flier posted on his website. "The Daly Bunch vs The Avalos Family."

The battle royale will pit members of Supervisor Daly's family - assuming they are back from Fairfield - and Supervisor Avalos' family fighting for baking bragging rights. Daly already proved this weekend he can bake. The two men had some course words for each other during the budget process.

There are rules of course. They state that "if the baked good is purchased from a third party, then you will be disqualified from competition."

Each family member will be allowed to enter homemade baked goods but he or she must declare if a pre-made mixed was used. A "special guest judge" (could it be former Supervisor Ed Jew?) will determine who bakes the best brownies, or cookies, and bestow the coveted "cake cape" on the winning family.

The flier depicts the Daly family has as the Brady Bunch while Avalos and his family take the role of the Partridge Family.

The Baking Throwdown will take place at San Francisco City Hall in room 256 at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

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