Santacon Returns Saturday

Brace yourself folks -- the drunken santas are coming to town, and the only list they be makin' is of the best SF joints to get oh-so-festively tipsy with hundreds of your new best friends this Saturday. Founded right here in San Francisco, the 17-year strong international SantaCon event invites anyone willing to don a Saint Nick getup and partake in what might be the largest pub crawl of the season. The yule time crimson tide is known to completely take over both bars and the streets throughout the day, losing Santa hats, candy canes, fake beards and (often) their dignity along the way.

The loosely structured event is set to kickoff Saturday at 12:30pm in Civic Center, with various pre-meetup events for our booze-loving Santa brethren in the East, North and South Bay (check the SF Bay Area Santarchy page for pre-party details). While we strongly encourage you to join in on the mid-day fun, always remember to follow the golden SantaCon rule – "Don’t BE that Santa…don’t get SO jolly that you need babysitting."

Grab the rough event map and songbook (yup, they go there) now, and stay tuned to @sfsanta Saturday for more event details.

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