Scenes From The City’s First Party

Next free event takes place on Mar. 28

Alex Shonkoff

Last night, The City and Jack Daniels presented the first in our free live music series at Tupelo in San Francisco with performances by Rio Rio, Bonnie and the Bang Bang, and ShantyTown and hosted by Alice Radio's Marcus Osborne. We had a great turnout and a lot of fun. Were you there? Click through the "photos and videos" link on the left to see pictures of the band — and maybe yourself!

Save the date for The City's next free party at Make Out Room on March 28, when we'll have performances by local acts Dogcatcher and The Lillies with DJ Jackie Sugarlumps. Go to our Facebook page to RSVP, and stay tuned for more details. While you're there, please consider giving us a precious like. Love can come later.

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