SF Nightclub Crackdown “Out of Proportion”: Insider

Retired ABC licensing officer talks about the War on Fun

A recently retired ABC licensing officer tells the San Francisco Bay Guardian just how silly the recent ABC crackdown on nightclubs across the City really is, especially concerning the venues at the center of the storm, Bottom of the Hill and DNA Lounge.

"I believe that ABC's proposed revocation of the DNA's license is excessive and out of proportion to the offense committed," recently retired ABC licensing officer Ross Glen told the paper. "I also did the [investigation] for Bottom of the Hill's request to have the fifty percent condition taken off their license...I found absolutely nobody in the neighborhood that opposed the condition modification."

In response to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's recent crackdown on nightclubs for everything from not serving enough Mexican food to stay open too late, a new online movement called Stop the War on Fun has been born.

The mission statement reads thusly, cue the dramatic voiceover: "[The ABC] has declared war on fun. Without your help, California's live music clubs and nighttime entertainment will die."

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