Shopping for the Socially Conscious on Your Lists

New San Francisco store offers unique gifts

There is finally a place to shop for the more eccentric people on your holiday shopping list.

CITIZEN - which dubs itself "the curator, manufacturer and brand that is at the center of the changing world of design and art" - just opened its store in San Francisco.

The store transitions from its recent on line success to in person frivolity. Between its four walls you can find golden vibrators and the American Comfort Quilt, which features the logos of everything from Burger King to Disney.

While everything in the store can be had on line, there is something unique about being able to hold a logo covered quilt in your hands or wearing the Coke spoon pendant around your neck before actually buying it.

Or you could spend $2,000 on a fully customized iPhone that questions " the value of and our relationship to objects."

The phone is designed by Tobias Wong and while it looks close to a real iPhone there is a lot more going on underneath the $2,000 plastic surface.

"As a social commentator, he is highlighting our constant need to consume and our obsession with differentiating ourselves with the objects in our life," CITIZEN says on its Web site about the phone.

The store features items for the socially conscious, artistic inclined people on your list.

The store room is now open now through the holidays at 2226 Bush St. in San Francisco.

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