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Whether you want to help curb global warming or just want to save money on your monthly electric bill, there are plenty of reasons to switch to solar power.

In fact, not only is this renewable energy source clean, responsible and affordable, it’s also one of the safest and highest return investments you can make in your home.

That’s because SunPower by ProVoltz, the Bay Area’s exclusive branded partner of SunPower, the planet’s most powerful solar, will handle very aspect of your installation, making the process easy and painless for you.  ProVoltz will design the perfect system for your energy needs now and in the future. Their signature all black systems use the latest, most reliable and most efficient panels in the world, backed by an unbelievable 25 year warranty that includes parts and labor. 

Still not sure if solar energy is right for you? Maybe you’ve been told “you don’t qualify” in the past? Consider the following benefits before taking the next step and getting a free quote.  

1. Save money…a lot of money 
Prices rise. It’s no secret and no surprise. And, as our digital world grows, so does our energy consumption. Silicon Valley energy rates have historically increased nearly twice as much as inflation over the past 25 years. There’s also multiple rate increases and rate plan changes, that have already been approved, expected to dramatically increase electric costs for the average home in the first half of 2016. For most homeowners, however, there is a fantastic solution. A true hedge against increasing energy costs. Most solar installations from SunPower by ProVoltz will pay for themselves in cash savings over 6 times during the warranty period. With a design life well over 40 years, the savings keep on going.

2. Do it before the rules change
Not only are the incentives changing, PG&E is also changing the way you sell them energy from your solar system. Yes, you sell it to them! It’s called “net metering." Right now when you’re away from home and the sun is shining, your solar system is often producing more energy than your house is using. The extra energy is sold back to the utility company for the same price they would charge you at that same time. By leveraging a rate plan that is more expensive at the same times that your solar produces at its best, you can sell energy to them at the highest rate and buy it back when it’s less expensive. The bad news is PG&E will soon change how net metering works, so soon it won’t work this way for new customers. The good news is, it’s not too late and if you do it now, you’ll be grandfathered in for 20 years! In addition to net metering changes, the federal tax credit for solar, which pays you back a huge 30 percent of your solar installation cost, expires at the end of 2016. With best technology available now, for the most competitive price they’ve ever offered, there has never been a better time to call SunPower by ProVoltz for a free quote.

3. You probably qualify, despite what you’ve been told
Here’s a short list to know for sure. Do you own your home? Does your roof have halfway decent sun exposure? Is your electric bill over $50 per month right now? If you answered yes to those thee questions, this is a good investment for you. A lot of solar contractors will disagree. There’s less shade on most rooftops in the summer time, when it’s most important. Solar panels that are shaded for some parts of year can still do a great job producing energy. High efficiency panels like the ones from SunPower can make a huge difference because they can make a lot more energy in a smaller space, allowing the solar array to fit in the sunniest parts of your roof. If you’re a PG&E customer and your electric bill is $50 per month right now, sometime in 2016 it will go up to about $72 per month for the same amount of energy. SunPower by ProVoltz has made huge advancements to the solar installation process, making installation of smaller systems far less expensive than they used to be. For the first time, homeowners who have typically been told, “solar doesn’t make sense for you” can finally get a great value proposition for their situation, even using the best products in the market. Even if you have a difficult type of roof to work with, SunPower by ProVoltz can install solar on it.

To find out if solar energy is right for your home, not to mention how much you can save by making the switch, visit ProVoltz.com.

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