Simple Gadget Peels Back AT&T's iPhone Monopoly

Dreaming of an iPhone but can't afford a data plan? Or you simply don't want to fork over money to AT&T?

One clever 22-year-old has a way to circumvent the system and look just as cool as all your fellow Apple fan boys and girls.

And you might be able to one-up them to by actually connecting on a call while putting your phone in the death grip.

The Apple Peel is a simple cover that slides right on top of your iPod Touch, which just happens to look a lot like an iPhone. But unlike normal iPod or iPhone covers, this one comes with a battery, a dock connector and a sim card -- giving you phone-like capabilities on the iPod touch.

The peel eliminates the need for a Wi-Fi network to be able to make calls on your iPod Touch. The service is already working in China and it is expected to hit the US this week.

Apple and AT&T can't be smiling at the peel. It costs only $59.

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