Sklar Brothers Bring Taste of “Sklarbro Country” to San Francisco

The Sklar Brothers demonstrate the ultimate expression of the special language twins share on stage. St. Louis natives Jason and Randy have been completing each other’s sentences and firing rat-a-tat blasts of comedy for two decades and they’re bringing their skills—and love of sports—to Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, on Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10.

The Sklar twins bleed St. Louis Cardinal red, but they have a lot of respect for San Francisco Giants fans, too, Randy said.

“We love AT&T Park. We were there on bring your dog night. I love that you can do that, but it was crazy. I’m watching a game in the bleachers and all of a sudden, I feel a Golden Retriever whizz past my leg. It was crazy and cool,” Randy Sklar said. “Giants fans are awesome and really into it.”

The Sklar Brothers have a brand-new special streaming exclusively on Netflix called “What Are We Talking About?” in which they tag-team topics like “natural” mullet haircuts found in the Midwest versus ironic mullets seen in Los Angeles. To the ironic mullet wearer, they say:

Randy: Why don’t you get on your recumbent unicycle…
Jason: Pull up your hilarious acid-washed jorts…
Randy: Get your gondolier pole, even though we’re nowhere near the water, and pedal the hell out of here.

Jason Sklar said they develop their material in the beginning just as other comics would. They find a premise truthful to their lives that will resonate with people in the audience. Then they just attack it. The brothers tag-team the set up and then allow each other room to riff.

“There’s no reason to hang around the set-ups too long. We like to keep those clean and stick to a tight version, but once we get into acting things out, we leave room to hopefully surprise each other,” Jason added. “If we can make each other laugh by surprising each other, we’re not opposed to that. Our goal in those moments is to keep it fresh and alive.”

Jason said he and Randy were given an album by Mike Nichols and Elaine May, another comedy team who had wonderful symbiosis onstage, and listened to it time and again.

“There’s so much joy in people that are able to be on the same page and pull this off,” Jason added.

The Sklar Brothers also host a weekly podcast, “Sklarbro Country,” which can be found on their Web site, and they’re always working on the next project, which can be partly attributed to their Midwest work ethic.

“People aren’t constantly sitting around saying, ‘Let’s get some funny roles in here for twins,’” Jason said. “It’s made us hard workers. The main way we get work is by creating an opportunity and then trying to sell people on getting to do it.”

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Corey Andrew has been interviewing comedians and writing about comedy for the last decade and a half. He recently published the book, “Laugh Lines: Conversations with Comedians.” Corey was a writer and performer with Midwest sketch troupe, The NonProphets, before moving to the Bay Area with his family several years ago. If you have ideas for future columns about comedy, you can send them to or follow him at

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