So What Else Do Lawmakers Talk About?

College Student

You would think that the most important action our Sacramento lawmakers should make is the passing of a budget. As of today, we are 58 days overdue from coming up with a spending plan.

So it's interesting just to see how they also spend their time on the floor of the state legislature besides taking care of the pressing issue of saving jobs, educating our kids and paying the bills.
SB 970. It's a proposal to put ballot drop offs on college campuses to make it more convenient for college kids to drop off their vote-by-mail ballots.
It would affect UC, Cal State and community colleges. Apparently this discussion generated a lot of heat.
Republicans argued it was basically, enabling the laziness factor that so often characterizes the millennium generation. Why can't they just go find a mailbox like everybody else? Are they busier than any other older adult who has a job, kids, community activities that take up their day? 
But here's what's really at the heart of the discussion. The GOP argues it would help Democrats more than Republicans. To some extent, that's true says Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, senior fellow at USC and political analyst. "It's because of the nature of the electorate and demographic make-up (of the state). It may help independents who tend to lean democratic. But it doesn't bar participation by Republican students."
Is the state legislature so divided that just because the bill was authored by a Democrat that some Republicans won't support it? Or should it be that the GOP needs to work on reversing the trend and work on encouraging young voters to participate in the process.
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