Sony Moves to Out Maneuver the Wii

Has Sony out-Wiied the Wii?

Sony unveiled its new motion control system, PlayStation Move, which will be available for the PlayStation 3 next week. The new system relies on what is being called the PlayStation Eye camera and built-in motion sensors to put the player in the game by detecting his or her movements, angles and more.

The introduction is a direct shot at Nintendo's popular Wii system and the yet-to-be released Microsoft Kinect.

Some who have gotten their hands on the machine say it is similar to the Wii -- even going so far as to mimic Nintendo's sports pack with a series called "Sports Champions" -- and others have said the interactivity is even more impressive than the Wii because of how sensitive the controls are.

The motion controls are being described as more accurate than the Wii. For example, one writer says it eliminates the inconsistency of the Wii remote when the same player plays the same game but gets a radically different result.

Sony will offer 30 titles to go along with the PlayStation 3 add-on. The new feature will cost $100 and it will hit stores Sept. 19.

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