Fake Spector Just Latest Twitter Hoax

Crazy-haired Phil Spector, the record producer, convicted of murdering an actress, faces 18 years in prison.  As he awaits transfer from the LA County jail, the former record producer is looking out the window.  And doing a crossword puzzle.  And playing with a pet cockroach.

Or at least that's what someone wants you to think.  A Twitter user signed up for the account @philspector and started Tweeting as if he were the jailed music man.

News.com columnist wondered if it was real, pointing out that Spector was allowed to keep both a laptop and an iPod in his cell.

Among the things on Fake Spector's mind:  "People ask me about my opinion of American Idol.  It's a total insult to music.  Not my thing"  and "Apart from twitter and my ipod, all I have for entertainment are Wilson and saliva bubbles."

Wilson, we learn, is a cockroach.  Not the most original of names a lonely man (or his impostor) can give a pet; actor Tom Hanks's character gave the name Wilson to a volleyball in the movie Cast Away. The relationship between Wilson and Fake Spector grew tense.  Spector recently reported "I think Wilson just s%$t in my yamulke". Of  course, Wilson the cockroach is fake too.

The incident is just one in a long string of folks claiming to be people they are not. Among the others: Tina Fey  (was fake, is now real), Dina Lohan and Christopher Walken.

Then again, one could say everyone's fake on Twitter

Scott McGrew is a technology reporter for NBC Bay Area who really is who he says he is on Twitter: @scottmcgrew

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