Stand Out From the Crowd

GET YOUR KICKS: In theory, rocking label-heavy gear is a way to stand out, though in reality you end up running the risk of blending in with all the Stonestown Galleria kids, which is crap, since you're Serramonte 'til you die! Or, better yet, just scrap the labels and roll with Zuriick.

Salt Lake City-based Zuriick sets out to craft blessedly affordable, many-colored sneaks that are "sleek, slim, and unbranded," yet will stand out from the fray every time due to clean, unconventional lines and their signature purple soles.

Fresh for fall is the Kettle Zip Boot in charcoal or black canvas (with three circular mesh side-vents), which zips up above the ankle and rocks a pointy, somewhat elfish Achilles flap. Previously released styles get new twists, too, for example the historically pastel Ake slip-on now also comes in subdued charcoal and black, while the slender Beata mid-highs get made over in black on carbon, which boasts the additional ability to form stable covalent bonds.

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